As alluded to in concept, the navigation of the open world will replace the original UI as a means of navigating the game modes and features. However, we aren't stopping there, as the open-world presents an extraordinary opportunity to further the gameplay loop and enhance the storyline of the game. Below are some of the additional activities we intend to implement into the Coinracer World.

  • Free navigation of roads and terrain.

  • Search for relics and special items that are randomly generated and dropped.

  • Randomly spawned interactions with raid vehicles.

  • Explore hidden areas to unlock rewards and uncover elements of the storyline.

  • Build, manage, and grow your own businesses (care dealerships, upgrade garages, and racetrack management) to earn in a variety of fashions.

  • Create, execute, and assign missions.

  • Build, raid, or destroy racing team facilities.

  • Acquire plots of land, required to open businesses and build racing team facilities.

We will continue to reveal more information regarding the Career World activities as development advances, dropping bits and pieces from our game design document.

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