Asset List

Like all indie (and most AAA) studios, pre-built assets have been utilized to expedite our production flows. While we aim to produce as much custom content as possible, at this stage in our business development we do prioritize which assets are necessary to build custom immediately and which can be built custom in later stages. Coinracer is built using Unity and contains various Unity assets bought through the Unity Asset Store. Although these assets have been heavily customized, we believe in full transparency and would also like to thank the developers of these wonderful assets for their work and continuous support. Below is a list of assets that have been purchased and modified in the development of our product.

  • NWH Vehicle Physics Engine

  • Realistic Engine Sounds 2 - Pro Version

  • MicroVerse Track Builder - Pro Version

  • SYNTY Studios Low Poly Biomes:

    • Racer 3D

    • Marshlands

    • Arid

    • Jungle

    • Tropical

    • Farm

    • Sci-Fi Cities

    • Nature

    • Meadows

In the case that any additional pre-built assets are purchased and modified in this stage of our development, their names and information will be added to this list.

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