Payment Options

Eliminating barriers to entry and providing fluid, familiar, and fast means of transacting are cornerstones in any functional game economy or business model. This is why we have enabled you to purchase $CCASH with a swap of crypto ($CRACER to $CCASH) or fiat swap ($USD/$EUR to $CCASH) via our payment processing partners, SphereOne. This is done in-game through the ATM screen and, depending on the preferred blockchain or method, allows you to choose the easiest and most convenient payment method.

In the case of a swap with crypto ($CRACER to $CCASH), our economic model takes in account the $CRACER token value in $USD, regardless of the chain, and converts the tokens to $CCASH based on the predefined $CCASH value in $USD (which is currently set at 0.05 $USD). This exchange model provides both security and predictability to users when they wish to purchase or sell $CCASH, regardless of a specific $CRACER token's price action - thus making the game truly chain agnostic.

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