Vehicle Customization

We know all you gearheads out there want more than to just pick a vehicle and hit the track, we feel the exact same way! So we are providing options! Want your vehicle to perform better, or perhaps you wish to make it unique with a new body paint and vinyl combo, or simply just make it the toughest most resilient one out there? You can do that through our vehicle upgrade system.

There are three categories of performance upgrades, that consist of three tiers. You must upgrade the lower tiers to have access to the higher tiers.

Engine Power (max speed and acceleration)

  • Tier 1: +4% engine power.

  • Tier 2: +6% engine power.

  • Tier 3: +10% engine power.

Maneuverability (overall handling)

  • Tier 1: +4% handling.

  • Tier 2: +6% handling.

  • Tier 3: +10% handling.

Fine-Tuning (engine power and maneuverability)

  • Tier 1: +5% engine power and handling.

  • Tier 2: +7.5% engine power and handling.

  • Tier 3: +10% engine power and handling.

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