Server Infrastructure

First, let's talk about how the Coinracer game setup is implemented. We have the Coinracer game client, which is a downloadable component that contains the main files of the game and is distributed through our third-party providers (game launchers, distribution platforms, etc.).

Next, we have the server build, which is split into three categories as can be seen below.

Coinracer's game servers are instance based. This means they are activated once all the criteria for a game lobby are created. Once a lobby is created, the instance uses only the assets assigned to that game instance (player cars, player nicknames, race type, race track assets, etc.). However there is a 24/7 live instance that handles all the requests for new lobbies, microtransactions, and asset updates. After a race is completed, the instance is powered off and the players are shifted back to the 24/7 live instance.

This flow ensures that if for some reason a race instance didn't execute properly, the player's in-game assets are not impacted in any way or form, while also enabling our infrastructure provider to scale both vertically and horizontally based on service demand (amount of players racing at the same time).

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