Sustainability & Scalability

As more and more players join the game and buy-in with $CRACER or FIAT, the amount of $CCASH in circulation will increase in equal measure. However there is a limit to how much $CCASH will be in circulation at any given time, a limit imposed by the total $CRACER available across all supported blockchains. Below is an example of how this works.

  • Assuming the Coinracer ecosystem supports three blockchains, there would be three separate supplies of $100m $CRACER, all operating independently.

  • The max supply of in-game $CCASH would be 300m, due to the one-to-one ratio with on-chain tokens.

  • This implies that the the price of $CRACER on each chain would remain the same; however, we know this is not the case, therefore the total supply of $CCASH will be impacted by the amount of $CRACER used by players to purchase $CCASH and the value of $CRACER on each supported blockchain.

  • In the case of $CCASH purchased with credit card and debit card, there is no inherent $CRACER swap. This means that all off-chain purchases will infuse value into the existing supported blockchain tokens.

The above described example underlines the overall stability, sustainability, and scalability of the system, as there is no artificial mechanism that might push the $CCASH value up or down, thus keeping a stable variable at the core of the entire economic model. This also prevents exploitation and malicious actions that can impact the game economy.

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