Gasless Transactions

Every transaction has an infrastructure commission attached to it. This might come through the form of gas (in the case of blockchains) or transactional fee (in the case of FIAT). However, even if small these fees would stack up to quite a high amount for a game where microtransactions are a part of the gameplay. In order to minimize this financial burden on you, we devised a simplified flow which allows you to pay gas fees only when purchasing $CCASH.

Note: when you wish to swap from $CCASH to $CRACER tokens, the gas fee is supported by the system itself and not by the player, hence reducing even the on-chain fees by 50%.

All in-game $CCASH transaction are gasless, which means you can freely purchase vehicles, upgrade them, repair them, and participate in races, without the constant nuisance of signing transactions or the burden of paying gas fees.

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