Two-Layered Economy

Building a game economy is no joke. Adding the necessities of sustainability and scalability makes it an even more complex challenge. For over a year our team of professionals has worked hard on constructing an economic model that will be the envy of our competitors, from indie studios to the biggest brands in the industry.

Our entire economic model is based on two main layers: on-chain tokens ($CRACER/FIAT) and off-chain game currency ($CCASH). These layers complement and correct each other in real-time, ensuring that the whole game economy is backed by a one-to-one, fixed, and predefined $CCASH to $CRACER/FIAT ratio. No matter how a player purchases $CCASH, the value will always be secured; enabling the Coinracer ecosystem to become truly chain-agnostic, while also protected from volatility.

This also allows greater flexibility in terms of ecosystem growth and expansion to other blockchains or on-boarding capabilities (i.e. fiat, crypto, or loyalty rewards). Furthermore the economic model is very robust and stable, eliminating any inflationary or deflationary mechanism that would endanger the overall stability of the system.

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