Progression System

To advance through your career in Coinracer, you will need to navigate our progression system. There are two primary branches that the progression system is comprised of.


You earn achievements as you complete various actions and objectives throughout each race type. These achievements will be granted in the form of a burnable NFT (non-fungible token) and can be rewarded multiple times. For example: in Destruction Derby, you will be awarded the "Demolition Man" achievement each time you complete ten derbies.

These achievements will enable you to access rare and unique performance upgrades, visual upgrades, unlock special cars and other features in the game (i.e. creating a racing team), and access to special tournaments.

Game Mode Achievements

ELO System

The Coinracer ELO system is based on the unique match making algorithm we developed in-house. This algorithm is inspired by the USCF ELO system used for global chess players ranking; however, it has been heavily modified to accommodate the required scalability and flexibility of the Coinracer player progression system. This ELO system will enable you to race it out against the competition of the same or higher caliber, maintaining a constant challenge and improvement drive regardless of your skill level. For example: a rookie racer will race mostly against other rookie competitors, however as they build a better win-to-loss ratio, they will begin racing amateur rank players more often, to the point where their ranking status is changed to amateur. This ensures a smooth transition between ranks and also reduces the gap overlap between ranks. Rankings are as follows.

  • Rookie

  • Amateur

  • Casual

  • Veteran

  • Pro

  • Elite

  • Master

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