The development of an open world provides unlimited opportunities for content generation and expansions of the game's storyline (and side stories). Our initial build of the Coinracer World will reflect the existing courses and track biomes, on a single continent with a few archipelagos and islands. However, as the userbase grows and careers progress, the need for additional regions and continuations of the storyline will be required. To support this growth, new continents will be build and provided as DLC expansions to the game, featuring new biomes (underground, underwater, in space, etc.). Maintaining continuity amongst these expansions, each biome will be tied together in the storyline and with components of it added to the seasonal Coinracer Championship tournament.

We will continue to reveal more information regarding the Career World expansions as development advances, dropping bits and pieces from our game design document.

The community will be directly involved in the design process, as we take the opinions and thoughts of our community into consideration in the development.

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